Stirling 01 - Brake Cleaner

Stirling 01 Brake Cleaner is specially formulated to clean contaminants, dirt and grime from all components. Increase braking performance by keeping your brakes clean. Reduces braking noise and prolongs the life of your brake pads. The unique nozzle is designed for ease of use in hard to reach areas, simultaneously providing a flushing effect to flush out contaminants.

Also suitable for use as a general multi-purpose degreaser and dries without leaving unsightly residue.

500ml per can


Stirling 02 - Carb Cleaner

Stirling 02 Carb Cleaner is formulated to dissolve grime, dirt and carbon deposits, improving your vehicleʼs performance and fuel economy, as well as lowering carbon emissions. With a convenient directional nozzle, cleaning hard to reach areas has never been easier.

Suitable for use with all carbureted internal combustion engines and is safe for catalytic converters and O2 sensors. Also suitable for use as a degreaser for heavy contaminants and carbon.

500ml per can


Stirling 03 - Anti-Rust Lubricant

The Classic. Stirling 03 Anti-Rust Lubricant protects metals from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck parts and loosens them, displaces water and moisture and lubricates everything.

Each can also comes with our special EZ Click Holder so that youʼll never have to worry about losing that spray nozzle again!

500ml per can


Stirling 04 - Multi-Purpose Degreaser

Stirling 04 Multi-Purpose Degreaser can be used for cleaning of large equipment or large components where precision spraying is not necessary. Also suitable for use as a general oil or grime remover.

Suitable to be diluted according to your specific needs.

25L per jerry can


The Platinum Series II - Automotive Shampoo

The aim of our Automotive shampoo was to provide a premium product, worthy of professional groomer usage, at less than premium prices. For far too long, expensive 'high-end' automotive shampoos have been out of reach for the everyday user, staying in the domain of groomers and detailers. Now, we bring that level of cleaning and shine direct to you!

Value for money, requires small amounts of shampoo for effective cleaning power - Brian (a satisfied user)

1 Litre & 4 Litre bottles available