Stirling Products was founded in 2017

with the goal of creating a locally-based automotive product range, providing cost-effective products to support the industry throughout a myriad of functions in the workshop processes.

By providing a local source of products, we are able to cut out the uncertainties our customers face when dealing with dealers, importers or wholesalers of other similar products, with delays, shortages and price fluctuations a common occurrence. Similarly we are able to keep within our control the quality, delivery times, and meet the quantity demands of our customers.

In 2017, there was a noticeable gap in the market with industrial degreasers commonly used in workshops for routine servicing and maintenance. A common grouse amongst workshop owners was the unpredictability of supplies, with mechanics constantly switching between brands dealers had on hand, each with varying performance and usability. At that point Stirling 01 – Brake Cleaner was created. Our first product, it was met with good reception and feedback from our users, and our base of satisfied customers continues to grow daily.

Stirling 02 – Carb Cleaner was introduced as a supplementary product to Stirling 01. Filling a niche but necessary role in the workspace, Stirling 02 served to expand our product range and to meet even more customers' demands.

In 2019, we introduced not one, but two new products to the marketplace!

Stirling 03 – Anti-Rust Lubricant and Stirling 04 – Multi-Purpose Degreaser. With the latest two products, our aim is to bring Stirling products to an even wider audience – not limited to the automotive industry. We have since successfully introduced our products to customers in the construction industry and road construction sectors.

We are constantly expanding and always on the look out for new and exciting products to bring to the marketplace at reasonable, reliable prices. We are here for the long run and our customers have chosen to place their faith in us, and we hope never to disappoint. Choose the best, choose Stirling.