Stirling Bar & Grill Restaurant Reviews

“The salmon… turned out to be perfect! The meat was still pinkish and moist while the outer layer was crackly”

“… if you love your red meat, get it here! K was happy that his medium rare steak was not overdone, resulting in a pretty pink interior. Very reasonably priced for a big slab too!”

“The steak.. almost on par with Ruth’s Chris and Cut.. but at a fraction of the price.”

“The salmon was also superb. The leek dill sauce was perfect foil for the slightly lumpy mash potato, and the piece de resistance is the perfectly grilled, and fried salmon. The skin was very crispy, but the insides still rather moist, and flavourful.”

“One of the best steaks I’ve tasted in town!.. You can never get nicely done char-grilled steaks if you do it yourself at home. What you need is the blazing flames from a charcoal stove”

“The piece of ribeye was not only juicy but extremely flavourful. This is one of the best grilled steak I have eaten for a while.”

“The doneness of the steak and tenderness of the meat can be a test of the chef’s skills, and Stirling’s chef passed it with flying colours.”

“The Best Grill in the West” – 9/10 rating





“The steak was grilled to medium rare perfection.”

“The slider.. patty was tasty, succulent, and oozing with juice”

“Sliders… this was easily one of my favourites from the meal… the minced beef patty cooked to perfection with a slight pinkish centre, sandwiched between the sliced cheddar cheese and garlic aoli.”

“If I were asked a place for the most delicious salmon I’ve had this year (2014) in Singapore, I would say Stirling”

“Ultimate Grilled Chicken… should be given honorary mention. There are many reasons- first, the chicken’s char is done very nicely. You could taste the smoke and the grill with every bite, and the edges are very crispy. Second, is the tender, succulent meat. You could cut through the meat very easily even though it looks charred outside… You could see that the chef has the fire well under his control. ”

Crispy King Salmon ….is cooked to perfect, not making the salmon too dry up for enjoyment.

The steak.. I enjoyed it! 75% redness through the centre, the meat is soft and juicy. If you are steak-eater, and similarly like your steak to be rare done, Stirling should be in your list.





“Juicy, tender and succulent on the inside but crisp and crunchy on the outside, this Fried Chicken from Stirling is a must order when you are here”





“Charcoal grilled ribeye from Stirling, topped with avocado butter and served with truffe fries. Amazingly rich cut, it is juicy and tender!”